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I got one year’s worth of work done in 3 months after I hired my first virtual administrative assistant (VA). After reading the 4-Hour Workweek many years ago, a book that extolled the benefits of using a virtual assistant to speed up your business, I dove right in to trying to find one – or someplace that would provide me with an easy way to hire one. I mean, why not hire virtual assistants to take care of repetitive tasks that consumed my time – tasks that I could easily train a virtual administrative assistant to do? Simple decision right? Wrong, at least not for me…

Sony VAIO Z is a big success in a small package. Our configuration consists of three Samsung SSD drives for the RAID 0, NVIDIA GeForce 330M GT and ATI Radeon HD switching, 6 GB DDR3 520M memory and Intel Core i5. For a laptop with three 13-inch SSD is a big surprise when the three albums are usually reserved for portable games monster. In our tests the performance SSD line blew the competition away from the speed reading speed of 500 MB / s. In combination with 6 GB of system memory and Intel Core i5 520M laptop response was excellent. Start and end times are incredibly fast and busy to zero offset. Generally the whole interface feel more like an administrative ultra-portable laptop workstations.

Electronic supplies: they won’t forget their iPod, but they might forget the cord charge it. Think extension cords, tp-link, surge protector. You can pack these up in a nice gift box and know that they will be well used.

The largest U.S. aluminum producer, Alcoa Inc. announced that it would release its results for the second quarter of 2011 after the market opens on July 11, 2011.

A “hot spot” is a place that will allow people with wireless devices like their laptop computer to access the internet through a wireless network. Shoppers with wireless devices then can check their email, surf the internet or do other tasks that are part of the wireless world. The cost to set this up in equipment like the linksys SpeedBooster tp-link is about US$100 for a tp-link (you can also add an eight inch booster antennae to increase the range and strength of your signal) plus the cost of having cable internet or other internet connection to the router. Depending on your area – this high speed connection might be up to $50 per month. So for a small investment to set-up and a small monthly cost – you have changed to nature of shopping at your mall.

If you have a laptop or wireless connection, the computer should automatically pick up your new router. If not, just use the network application of your router to scan for networks, and your new router should appear, then you can type the command to check your router: ping -t, please note, it’s not -t.
The setup is one of the most user-friendly out there. Complete step-by-step installation manual will help you configure all options you need to set up. This router has also a backup program, in case you will have to hard reset router and configure it again. Just resend that configure file to router and it will work again.

Switch on the wireless connection of your laptop and enter the password. If it is not wireless ready, you can install the PCI card. This is also the same with your desktop computer. But don’t worry, the latest computers are already wireless-ready. After that, you are now ready to make a local area connection and connect all your computers in one network.